The True Story of Murder, Madness, Attraction and Theft : The Gucci House

House of Gucci (Image credit: Imdb)

How could a poor Italian carrying suitcases become the creator of one of the world's most luxurious brands? Let's introduce you to Guccio Giovanbattista Giacinto Dario Maria Gucci.

The house of Gucci in the 1970s was all about high fashion, until the murder of the unfortunate Gianni Versace, the crime of the century of the fashion industry.

It was about intrigue and murder. On November 24, the highly anticipated "House of Gucci" movie will hit theaters.

The film stars Adam Driver and Lady Gaga (playing Mauricio and Patrizia Gucci). The story details the rise of Gucci, the real-life murder at the hands of a hitman hired by the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci's fashion heir, Patrizia. While Gucci fans and fashionistas eagerly await this movie made by Ridley Scott, Gucci family members have made it clear that they are not very happy with the movie.

Patrizia Gucci, Maurizio's cousin, told the Associated Press about the film's director, Ridley Scott, and his collaborators.

"They're stealing a family's identity to make a profit and increase the revenue of the hollywood system," she said.

But he suggested that nothing is as embarrassing as the real events that inspired the movie, a story more brutal than even Hollywood could have imagined.

The grandfather portrayed in the movie, based on Sara Forden's 2000 book "The House of Gucci", was described as being "overfat, short, with sideburns, really ugly", which is downright embarrassing.

He plays Aldo, the grandfather of Guccio, the founder of the fashion house, in Al Pacino, one of the most important actors of our time.

On March 27, 1995, Maurizio Gucci was thrilled to marry his beautiful girlfriend of four years, Paola Franchi, with whom he shared a luxury apartment on Milan's exclusive Corso Venezia.

The heir of fashion was going to his office in a specially designed suit and camel coat, just like on other days. While passing through the door, he bowed his head to the officer who was there, and then suddenly the first bullet was fired from the gun. The first bullet from the gun had hit Maurizio in the back.

Another silent bullet hit him below the waist, and a third bullet lodged in his arm. Fell down. The real final blow was delivered by an unseen hitman with a fatal shot to the skull.

The doorman was sitting on the step stunned by the bullet hitting his arm. By the time the police arrived on the scene, the killer had already left the scene.

Maurizio Manca, owner of Bozart Jewellery, which is well known in Milan, said in an interview with The Post newspaper, “I saw such a murder in the very center of Milan.
I don't remember before," he said. "This murder felt like seeing the Tiffany president murdered outside his Fifth Avenue store."

In order not to give spoilers about the movie, we end our article here. We look forward to your valuable comments after watching the movie.

Source: University of Fashion

Fall 2021 Men's Trend Report

Fall 2021 Men's Trend Report

2019 Sonbahar erkek modası

The highlight of the fall 2021 menswear season is that, for the first time in the history of runway fashion, men's shows rival women's in excitement, innovation and artistry. What was once easily done packaged under one banner is now a cult obsession. The old skinny suit is now streetwear!—while it may seem like a sideshow now, it's actually a mainstream thing.

As seen in the brilliant summaries of our colleagues, the Fall 2021 menswear season has given the opportunity for such seismic change because it is at the center of an existing and global conversation with political, social and economic turbulence. The politics of masculinity, gender, diversity and identity. But good timing is nothing without good talent. The designers who defined the look and feel of the season have been so effective that they really only need a name (or maybe just two letters); Thank you, Kim, Hedi, Raf, Virgil, Dries, Rick, and JW.

As soon as this trend progresses, and how much more it fills our lives, it is a fact that it is back for now! And if one day we have a story to completely disappear from our lives, it won't be a complete story. Presented in a modern man's wardrobe, with different visions—Rick Owens' fashion idol, Jun Takahashi's sinister horror and poetry, Craig Green's pepto-colored plastic of vulnerability and strength—is not all about a single glance. It's about a new air of masculinity present in every trend we chronicle: compassion. In the long and soft lines of Clare Waight Keller's first stand-alone Givenchy menswear collection, cozy core knits at Marni and Sacai, sweet hearts tied to the strong suit at Prada. Even the most aggressive shows of Hedi Slimane's Celine tapped into an underlying sweetness with New Romantic shapes and delicate beadwork.

Selling clothing and accessories is, of course, the whole point of this multinational, multi-week effort, but menswear brands have started doing the same thing for womenswear collections: Sometimes selling a mood is much better than selling products.

Bold and Beautiful

Cesur ve Güzel

Cute and glamor aren't usually words associated with menswear, thanks to designers like Givenchy Dior Men and Clare Waight Keller de Kim Jones, the season's top vocabulary terms are emerging. The new spirit of menswear is louche and elegant, such as Lemaire and Ludovic de Saint Sernin, epitomized in Dior and Givenchy, but also a tailored suit à la Loewe or subversive sexy appeal.

Be Cool

Havalı olun

Major credit should be given to Prada, which was revived last year by linea Rossa in flying neon colors. A return to synthetic, technical materials has taken menswear by storm, transforming ideas from streetwear and activewear into a new, futuristic look. Like Craig Green, or survivalist, like Alyx—whatever vibration you choose, it will definitely be swishing and lighting your way through the fall.

Secure Your Bag

Çantanızı Emniyete Alın

Waist bags made up 25 percent of the accessory market in 2020. In 2021, the must-have men's bag has become the garment itself. Virgil Abloh, Off-White and Louis Vuitton turn a monogram body into a monogram jacket. Bags at Fendi are huge and side-bodied; At Balmain, they helped secure iPhones; and at Dior, the smartest solution to not losing those damn AirPods: a small leather carrying case, and here's the solution. Dior with logo, bien sur.

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